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This is Victoria Vanucci’s line of creams made with garlic, coffee and rice: “It’s food for the face”


Victoria Vanucci She has been an entrepreneur for a long time, and recently launched her own line of creams but with a twist: they are made with food.

Through her Instagram account, the former model promotes her venture, “I am Pachamama“, and shares the recipe for the different creams that he makes exclusively with food.

Victoria Vanucci's cosmetics line

What Victoria Vanucci’s entrepreneurship is about

Among the notable products it uses are garlic, coffee, rice and turmeric. And he explained about it: “Although I am always on the side of gastronomy and nature, and continuing with that same vibration, I started making cosmetic products, the truth is that I don’t call them beauty products, but I call them food for the facewhich means food for the face“.

“That is to say, we have all the answers in Mother Nature and yet we go and inject ourselves, or we get Botox or we add other products. The mission and objective is to try to show natural beauty, that we do not need other elements, we do not need chemicals and that we have the answer at our fingertips.“, he expressed.

Besides, Victoria Vanucci He thought about it for all those people who want to save and not spend on traditional cosmetics: “You don’t have to spend fortunes either, it’s the same thing I do in the gastronomic sector, showing you and using the same formulas as I do, with local products for some recipe to eat, then I apply them so that they are transformed, for example, into creams to put on your face. Obviously it is all organic, natural and everything is completely studied. There is a very important mission that must be repeated over and over again and definitively installed, especially for all young girls, beauty is internal and is reflected externally“.

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