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Thunder and lightning in Agder and in Eastern Norway


Lightning strike in central Oslo on Tuesday evening this week. Photo: Beate Oma Dahle / NTB

Of NTB | 01.06.2024 15:03:01

Weather: There will be local differences in intensity. Some places will not experience thunderstorms, the institute writes in the danger warnings for Agder, western and eastern parts of Eastern Norway.

As early as 2 p.m., a lot of lightning was recorded. Just before 3 p.m., well over 5,000 lightning strikes were recorded, according to the institute flash map, many of them in Telemark. Also in Moss, in the Vennesla and Mandal area in Agder and from Vestfold and north to Innlandet, the map shows a good deal of lightning.

As usual, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute asks people to consider the need for preventive measures: Unplug electrical appliances, adjust your speed to the driving conditions on the roads, seek shelter, avoid open plains and large trees, and do not swim or bathe.

Lightning strikes can lead to building fires and fires in forests and vegetation. It can also cause the power to disappear, and TV and internet signals to be cut, the institute reminds.

In another danger warning for Agder and Østlandet, the institute writes that heavy rain showers are expected on Saturday afternoon and evening.

– There are local variations in intensity and amount, and the weather can change quickly. The location of the precipitation is uncertain. Locally, the rainfall is expected to exceed 20 millimeters in one hour, writes the institute.

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