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Tini Stoessel opened her heart and spoke about her mental health: “I was diagnosed with depression”


Tini Stoessel released his new album, “Un mechó de pelo”made up of songs that talk about his private life and the most complex moments he went through.

Why Tini Stoessel’s new album is called “Un mechón de pelo”

The artist gave an interview for MTV and he opened his heart when he told why he cut his hair for this new material: “My hair was always something that represented me a lot in my daily life, in my shows, in my career, in my videos… By always having it long , I felt that it generated a lot of strength in me and it was what represented a lot to me. But when I was diagnosed with depression, I began to have a process not only internally, but also externally.“.

“And with the hair it’s like… I looked in the mirror and I couldn’t find myself, I couldn’t find myself. I would go and change my hair color. And I looked in the mirror again, and it went on, and on, and on. All that searching that I was having on an internal level, so to speak, and on an emotional level, was reflected a lot in my hair and in who I am today.“he added.

And she explained: “And yet, even though it’s short, I feel like a completely different woman for the better, empowered, that I grew a lot, that I learned a lot of things. And well, that’s why the album is called that, a lock of hair“.

Regarding the concept of the album and the search for it, Tini was sincere: “The reality is that the process of this album was different from the processes I had previously with my other albums. And I entered the studio with the concept really already put together, with the songs developed conceptually even though they had not been written. “So we went into the studio already knowing what each song was going to be about.”

It is an album that tells you a story, at some point. And very deep, too, very complex. Just as the songs are, so do the visuals, the videos, and the photos. And that’s why it was very important to us to develop not only the theme of the music, but also the visuals to accompany and to finish telling that story and each song really well,” he explained.

At the same time, Tini Stoessel He highlighted that what he liked most about putting together this material was thinking about the idea of ​​each video, developing it and being able to interpret it.

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