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Tobias Santelmann will play Harry Hole in Netflix’s major venture


Tobias Santelmann when he played in NRK’s ​​big series “Atlantic Crossing” in 2020. Now he becomes Harry Hole in the Netflix investment in Jo Nesbøs books. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB

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Economy and business: The 43-year-old will portray the police investigator in Netflix’s major venture, based on Jo Nesbø’s books, writes the American newspaper.

First up is “Marekors” – which has the working title “The Devil’s Star” – and recording will begin soon.

Santelmann has played both heroes and villains in front of the camera before. Now he will embark on Nesbø’s internationally known character – known from everything 13 books published in the period 1997 to 2022.

Then it was the Swedish Tomas Alfredson who directed – while now it is Øystein Karlsen, the “Exit” and “Dag” creator who has just finished recording the Leonard Cohen portrayal “So Long, Marianne”.

He will work from a script written by Jo Nesbø, and Nesbø is also the so-called showrunner.

– We are looking for both someone who agrees with our idea of ​​Harry Hole, and also someone who has his own idea of ​​who Harry Hole is, Nesbø said according to VG when Netflix presented the series in March.

Even then, many people guessed at Santelmann, known from films and TV series such as “Kon-Tiki” (2012), “Kampen om tungsvannet” (2015), “Murders in Congo” – where he played Tjostolv Moland” so both Amanda – and Kanonpris – and “Out and steal horses” (2019).

In the same year, Santelmann was also seen for the first time in Øystein Karlsen’s three-season smash hit about cynical financiers, “Exit”, before he went on to play the then Crown Prince Olav in “Atlantic Crossing”.

For now, the last film out is last year’s “Konvoi”, and he will be seen in “Tre menn til Vilma” as well as “Havnaa” in Norwegian cinemas for Christmas.

– Santelmann is one of our very best actors, has the right body shape, age, and has this ugly charm that is a mixture of harshness and vulnerability.

About “Marekors”, which was published 21 years ago and was Jo Nesbø’s breakthrough in English, writes Nesbø’s publisher Aschehoug:

“A heat wave hits a holiday-quiet Oslo. In an apartment at Vår Frelsers Gravlund, small black lumps begin to drip through the floor. At the same time – in his apartment in Sofies gate – Harry Hole is lying on the floor, stuffed, abandoned and dismissed. Harry has a murder case on his hands. Along with the only other first officer not on vacation: Tom Waaler”.

According to VG, the series has received NOK 93 million in support through the incentive scheme managed by the Norwegian Film Institute.

The role has previously been interpreted by Michael Fassbender in “The Snowman” from 2017, a film that critics uniformly gave the thumbs down for.

On Monday, the day before Netflix had announced a press conference at Harry Hole’s hometown Restaurant Schrøder at St. Hanshaugen in Oslo to “reveal the biggest crime mystery of the spring”, the streaming service shared a dark photo taken from behind.

Crime expert Geir Tangen, who runs the website Crime fictionTobias Santelmann thinks it is a good choice and writes:

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