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Tomás Dente destroyed Santiago del Moro for endorsing violence in Big Brother: “He is responsible for making the program more aggressive”


Thomas Dente made a very harsh defense against Santiago del Moro for endorsing violence in Big Brother (Telefe) and it was lethal.

In the air of The Impertinent (Net TV)the driver took strong aim at his colleague and stated: “When you lose your professional ethics, your notion, you become a person who is not aware that you are reaching a lot of people… with that tremendous content. There is a driver who shows his face and is responsible for what is happening“.

Del Moro is responsible, along with the entire production, for making the most aggressive program on TV in 2024. “That guy is driving laughing, he is hosting a program that incites violence every day,” he complained.

How can it be that a TV guy like Del Moro, in his professional role, is impregnating people with so much violence? We must review the content we offer. “The violence is no more,” he shot furiously.

You turn on the TV and you see those lazy shits… bitching constantly and we endorse them, we give them credit. What is happening to us as a society? How can there be 20 rating points consuming that? It’s rubbish. The format should be canceled“he burst out Thomas Dente about the content of the program.

If you promote violence, Del Moro, Telefe, and evil returns to you. Today they have 20 rating points, but they can fall. Every day we learn something new, you can’t do it anymore. I hope they can open their heads and become aware. With the remote control we can give light or bury these guys. A guy who humiliates a participant in front of the stands and all the Argentines, how can it be that from home we give authority to that? Big Brother is poop“said the driver.

What did Santiago del Moro say about Furia’s insults in Big Brother?

Santiago del Moro defended again Juliana Furia Scaglione as driver of Big Brother (Telefe)and normalized the player’s insults towards the former participants who entered the house.

This Tuesday, June 4, the six little brothers who were left in the reality show were again in the SUM to see what their former teammates were doing, even though they couldn’t hear what they were saying.

However, the most controversial player yelled and insulted several of them, and the host came out to talk about it on his radio program. “When this level of delirium is generated, I go back to the same thing. It’s a television show and a competition. She was very upset yesterday, but they react according to how they see them coming in.”

On the other hand, he clarified that “Anyone can make his statements and they are wrong”. Despite this, he concluded: “Everyone says ‘you’re skinny, you’re fat, you’re pretty.'”

Later, they went out to destroy it on the networks since the fans believe that it is the “protected” of the production and who do not dare to expel her from the reality show.

“At times I think it can’t be that stupid, but here it is… every day it improves more and more”; “She could hang Arturo live and he’s going to say it’s a television show”; “It disgusts me. You can’t be so sick to justify shitty comments that could ruin someone’s life,” expressed some of the comments in repudiation of the defense of Santiago del Moro toward Rage.

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