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Tomás Dente struck down “Furia” Scaglione from Big Brother for his comments about his illness: “What level of misery to play with your health”


Thomas Dente driver The impertinent (NET TV) aimed against Juliana Furia Scaglione since she blamed her colleagues for wanting to make her sick. Let’s remember that the player has Leukemia, making her more prone to getting sick, and that was why the driver exploded.

“I can’t get sick, guys, I’m honest with you. I have a diagnosis in which I cannot get sick, my central nervous system cannot be burdened. (…) They just gave me paracetamol. But do they know what they want? Take me out of the game were the words of Rage for Nicolás Grosman and Florencia Regidor.

What did Tomás Dente say about Big Brother’s Fury?

“What level, what level of misery to play with health, God. And not only that, also put yourself in the position of victim, right?” Dente began. And I add: “How many people are really fighting him, who are putting their bodies into it. Good, noble, hard-working people.”

“People who want to get ahead. “How incredible how it is manipulated, how it is being defiled, how the true meaning of fighting cancer is being defamed,” he sentenced.

Then, he gave his opinion about people who have cancer, and launched: “I believe that no person who is currently fighting cancer is going to identify with the last minutes of the tape that we are watching.”

“What a shame the family channel, Moro… How low they fell! How little respect for people who are fighting for their lives. How little respect, how little empathy”, and Tomás Dente ended: “What a lack of respect for those of us who have lost a family member as a result of a disease like cancer. “They really are abject, what they do is vile.”

When does Big Brother 2024 end?

On June 3, Santiago del Moro announced that Big Brother (Telefe) will end in the first week of July 2024. The reality show began on December 11, 2023.

Finally, the wait is over. Santiago del Moro made it official live that Big Brother Argentina will end on July 7. The host of the reality show clarified that the cycle will officially end on July 8, with all the participants already out of the house.

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