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– Too many have sat and slept


Norway’s coach Tobias Johansson was disappointed. Photo: Frederik Ringnes / NTB

Of NTB | 13.05.2024 17:40:29

Sport: The Norwegian team ended up 0-2 down after the first period in Prague. It ended with Christian Kåsastul receiving a nasty blow to the face and head. He left the ice covered in blood.

During the break, national team manager Johansson was merciless towards his own team in the interview with Viaplay.

– I blow the result. I am terribly disappointed with how we performed in these 20 minutes. It’s about every single individual in the dressing room, said the Swede.

– We had a very clear battle plan, we knew what would come and were clear about what we had to do to meet it. There are too many players who have sat and slept at the meeting this morning, he added.

– They were not given the opportunity to respond to what I had to say. The next 20 minutes will show whether they listened to what I said or not, said the national team manager.

Finland opened the middle period in Prague by going straight up to 3-0. Oliver Kapanen then made it 4-0 after a serious Norwegian goalkeeping blunder.

The episode in which Kåsastul was injured occurred with just over a minute left in the opening period. Then the back slammed into the glove head first. The Norwegian defender also hit the edge of the glove with his face.

– I don’t want to look at that. That speed in there, said Viaplay commentator Jørgen Klem when the replays rolled over the screen.

– Let’s hope it was just the nose like smoke and not the entire upper part of the teeth, said Viaplay expert Alexander Bonsaksen.

In the break between the first and second periods, Kåsastul was stitched up in the dressing room. He then returned to the ice

Injuries are very bad for a Norwegian team that is already struggling. Mattias Nørstebø was not fit for Monday’s match. NTB is informed that he was shot in the finger in the match against the Czech Republic.

Mats Zuccarello was not fit on Monday and also had to sit out.

The fight is still going on.

Johansson more than indicated that the half-time talk had been a soliloquy on his part.

The Norwegian doctor Ole Fosse was quickly on the ice and supervised Kåsastul. The Norwegian WC profile then made his way across the ice and into the dressing room while the blood flowed.

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