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Total fury over Olga’s music festival on Labor Day: live bands and record audiences


Olgastreaming Migue Granadosbroke audience records with the music festival it organized for Labor Day this Wednesday, May 1.

In the week before the big event, the host promoted on his social networks that there was going to be a stage on the street for all streaming and national rock fans to come to, because great bands were going to play live.

This Wednesday early, The corner of Humboldt and Cabrera was filled with people, so much so that in 20 minutes the capacity limit to enter the event was exhausted. Those who were left without a place were still able to follow the festival through YouTube, where Olga reached 157 thousand live viewers.

How was Olga’s festival for Labor Day

“On May 1st, this Wednesday, the people who could never come to the corner because they work as they should, we are going to make a big move here on the corner, with a big stage and many live bands,” he had announced. Migue Granados in the program It would be amazing.

So it was. Thousands of people gathered in the street to enjoy their favorite artists, singing and jumping to the rhythm of the music.

At the special festival of Olga great bands were present, such as Crossing the Charco, El Kuelgue, Las Pastillas del Abuelo, Kapanga, Yerba Brava, Turf and more.

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