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Trial of the Brussels attacks: some victims will not have the courage to come and testify

After four experts explained Monday morning the bodily and psychological damage endured by the victims of the attacks, in the coming days, “several dozen victims will explain in their flesh, in their being, what they experienced from this disastrous day of March 22”, she explained. “For some, it’s a daily struggle, others will never recover,” she said.

Trial of the attacks in Brussels: Osama Krayem and Mohamed Abrini attend the testimony of the victims, only Salah Abedslam leaves the room

Some victims will not appear on the stand, she said. “Some people do not have the strength to face the Assize Court, the gaze of the accused, the suffering. This does not mean that they have no interest in the Assize Court, far from it. ‘simply don’t have the courage,’ she said, urging the court to show understanding for them.

The lawyer also denounced the fact that, nearly seven years after the events, many victims have still not been compensated and are solely responsible for their medical expenses. “They are always fighting against the insurance companies,” she blasted, saying they were mistreated by the system.

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