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Trueno said that he was left without money in the bank after his previous team robbed him


Thunder is promoting his next album that will be released on May 23, with which plans to rebuild his career after his previous work team stole his money.

In the Spanish program The resistance (Movistar +) one of the traditional questions that David Broncano usually asks artists is “How much money do you have in the bank?”

However, Mateo could not answer with certainty since he assured: “We rappers don’t know how much money we have in the bank. I don’t want to tell you the typical thing that we invest in music and I never see my money, but it is a reality. But, precisely, one of the problems I had last year was that my work team took all my money so we are pedaling again“.

However, since he does not want to get into conflicts, he is focusing on getting afloat again: “It’s okay, karma exists. I’m not going to take them to court, it’s best to hold back and not stain the energy. Our energy is too pure to be resentful. If they want it, it’s money, let them put it… in their pocket“.

Why Nicki Nicole and Trueno continue singing ‘Mamichuela’ despite their breakup

Nicki Nicole shone at the Movistar Arena and broke the silence about her relationship with Trueno. Before singing ‘Mamichula’, a song she composed with her ex-partner, the singer dedicated a heartfelt message to her.

“I wanted to thank you, first of all, for your usual respect”, the artist began by expressing to the public. Then, all the people began to scream wildly, sensing that an important moment was coming in the show.

Then he continued: “Second, thanks to the person with whom I have this song for so many teachings”. Immediately afterwards, the instrumental began to play. ‘Mamichula’, The euphoric audience burst into screams, first of all, at the reference to Nicky toward Thunderand also, for continuing to sing the song she composed with him.

“Now I want us all to sing this song, to make it loud.”finished Nickywho had an unforgettable night at the Movistar Arena, and as indicated through a reel he published on his Instagram: “I will tell anecdotes about this night as the best of my life.”


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