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Trump wants to take America back to 19th century abortion laws


Donald Trump wants to take America’s abortion laws back to the 1800s, Vice President Kamala Harris said Friday. The Democrats have singled out the fight for abortion rights as a possible winning issue in the election campaign. Photo: Stephanie Scarbrough / AP / NTB

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Social conditions: She spoke Friday in the swing state of Arizona, where the state’s highest court recently gave the green light to reinstate an 1864 abortion law.

The law means that abortion is prohibited in all cases, except when the mother’s life is in danger. Those who perform abortions can be punished with up to five years in prison.

– Here is how a new Trump period will be: more prohibitions, more suffering and less freedom. Just like he did in Arizona, he basically wants to take the United States back to the 1800s, Harris told voters in Tucson.

Strategists in both parties say that they believe the ruling could also push moderate voters who prefer not to vote Republican, over to the Democrats. They also expect that young voters and voters in minority groups, who have traditionally voted democratically, will be fired up and motivated.

– We must all understand whose fault this is. Former President Donald Trump did this, Harris said.

President Joe Biden beat Trump in Arizona by a margin of less than 11,000 votes in 2020. In total, about 3.3 million votes were counted in the state, and the margin of victory in the state was Biden’s narrowest.

On Wednesday, he said the court had gone too far, even as he defended the Supreme Court ruling that gave states the ability to impose abortion restrictions.

Trump appointed three of the six Supreme Court justices who, in the summer of 2022, overturned the ruling that had given Americans the right to free abortion for almost 50 years.

This week he said that he believes questions about abortion rights are up to the individual states, and that he is not a supporter of a national abortion ban.

– It must be up to the states to decide through voting or legislation, perhaps both, he said.

Arizona is among the swing states for which there is expected to be very fierce competition in the autumn elections, and it may turn out to be decisive in the battles for the Senate and which party gets the president.

Trump, who is expected to be Biden’s opponent in the autumn election as well, has tried to distance himself from the Arizona ruling.

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