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Tungtvann celebrates 25 years for the first recognized hip-hop record in Norwegian


Tungtvann anno 2024 with Jørgen “Jørg-1” Nordeng and DJ Lars “Poppa Lars” Sandness. Photo: Tarjei Krogh / Handout / NTB

Of NTB | 16.04.2024 11:23:07

Culture and entertainment: Now Nordeng (46), who called himself Jørg-1 in Tungtvann, together with Poppa Lars will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the debut EP “Reinspikka Hip Hop”. It will take place at the Opera in Oslo on 15 September under the title “Reinspikka – 25 years in Norwegian”.

– The ultimate recognition, says Jørgen Nordeng about standing on the opera stage, and says that it does not just apply to Tungtvann – but the entire genre.

– When we started, it was to prove that it worked. We felt that most of the Norwegian rap we had heard didn’t sound like hip-hop. The Norwegian rappers did not use the language in the same way as the Swedes did: Who rapped as they spoke. And we were probably some of the first to really do that, says Nordeng in the press release.

Tungtvann offered lyrics such as “The whole fucking industry is full of banditta, termites and pussies. It’s the dynamite that blew up the entire Sulamite in Bita”. In the NRK series “Takin Ova”, Christer Falck, who soon signed the Norwegians to his record label, states:

– The same in Eastern, how far had you gotten with that?

– When Poppa Lars and I had an inspection there and took pictures, it kind of dawned on us. We almost feel like we’ve squeezed our way into the party, like at now 25-year-olds «Uninvited Guest», smiles Nordeng – with reference to one of the songs on the debut album.

And calls Tungtvann “two village boys without any kind of musical training”, who don’t know much more about notes “than the G-clef which is so popular to tattoo”.

– Isn’t it called impostor syndrome? he laughs.

– It is thanks to several of those who are on stage with us that we have reached the point where you can have rap in the Opera. Just look at Lars Vaular and all the doors he has kicked down for culture, says Nordeng. Who call it “surreal” that they should be backed by the Broadcasting Orchestra.

– Putting together an entire concert with this type of rapper is not everyday.

The Tungtvann concert in the Opera is part of the European capital of culture project Bodø2024. Program manager Henrik Sand Dagfinrud is frank about the reason why the production is carried out in Oslo:

– It is thanks to Northerners that this phenomenon works in Norwegian. Then it makes sense to take it to the capital.

Because the reputation was low for hip-hop when Tungtvann signed up in 1999 with “Reinspikka Hip Hop”, which is often said to be the first record that made Norwegian-language hip-hop work.

Jørgen Nordeng, who just has released song in the company of Åge Aleksandersen, follows the trønder rocker into the Opera. Which is still experienced as a special place to perform.

Nordeng and Poppa Lars, alias Lars Sandness, bring a guest team of mostly younger rap artists to the Opera in September: Jaa9 & OnklP, Lars Vaular, Oscar Blesson, Tyr, Grim Pil, Rambow and Swede Petter.

The concert in the Opera is based on the beginning of Tungtvann, before the audience is taken on a journey through the last 25 years of hip-hop – with artists who have used the Norwegian language in their own way and created genuine expressions.

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