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Turkey does not want NATO to become a party to the ongoing war in Ukraine


Turkey does not want NATO to become part of the war in Ukraine. The photo shows President Recep Tayyip Erdogan present during a military exercise in Izmir. Photo: Yavuz Ozden/DIA Photo via AP / NTB

Of NTB | 31.05.2024 19:43:02

Policy: The statement is a reaction to the decision in several NATO countries that Ukraine may have the opportunity to use Western weapons against targets inside Russian territory.

– We support the continuation of aid to Ukraine and the strengthening of the country’s capacity to fend off Russian attacks. But we do not want NATO to take part in this war, said Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan after an alliance meeting in Prague.

He advocated that individual countries and NATO as an alliance must find a balance between these two considerations and warned that the conflict could spread regionally and trigger even worse crises.

Turkey tries to maintain good relations with both Russia and Ukraine.

On Thursday, the United States gave Ukraine permission to use American weapons to defend the city of Kharkiv, but not advanced missiles against targets deep inside Russia. Germany followed up on Friday and opened up the use of German weapons against targets on Russian territory.

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