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Twenty-eight left-wing deputies call for the release of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah

Here is their platform. “Georges Ibrahim Abdallah turned 72 on April 2. This defender of the Palestinian cause, fighting the invasion of Lebanon, his country, by the Israeli forces, was arrested in 1984 and then imprisoned for possession of a false passport. He was thus sentenced to life imprisonment for complicity in the assassination of the two Israeli and American diplomats.

His trial at the Special Assize Court took place 2 years later in Paris, then the scene of bloody attacks sponsored by Iran, which clearly conditioned his life sentence in 1987 when the sentence requested by the Advocate General was fifteen years old. Georges Ibrahim Abdallah then successively filed nine requests for conditional release, all refused despite the support of the Lebanese authorities. In 2012, he was transferred to the Lannemezan penitentiary center where he is currently detained.

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Releasable since 1999

Under French law, Georges Ibrahim Abdallah has been releasable since 1999. And yet, he is still imprisoned, even though justice has ruled for his release! This makes Georges Ibrahim Abdallah the longest serving political prisoner in a French prison, and with the exception of Italy, probably in Europe. Twice, in 2003 and 2013, when the sentence enforcement justice decided on the release of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, the embassies of the United States and Israel, and even Hillary Clinton in 2013, then Secretary of State of the United States, intervened to influence the course of justice in our country, and to obtain that he not be released and sent back to Lebanon. It was Dominique Perben who first opposed it, then Manuel Valls, Minister of the Interior, who, at their request, refused to sign the order for the expulsion of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah to Lebanon.

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We reaffirm it: it is neither for the United States nor for Israel to dictate justice in France. The condition imposed by the courts is now that a deportation order for Georges Ibrahim Abdallah to Lebanon be signed. Lebanon has already said that it was ready to welcome him, and even asks for his expulsion. We therefore ask that the President of the Republic and his Ministers of the Interior and of Justice sign the expulsion order, and that Georges Ibrahim Abdallah be finally released, “expelled” and be able to join his family in Lebanon! Our country, bearer of the universal principles of human rights since the Revolution of 1789, can and must now allow 72-year-old Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, imprisoned for 39 years, to return to his country. Today France must live up to the universal ideals of equality and justice that it upholds. »

The list of signatories:

Sylvie Ferrer, Mathilde Panot, André Chassaigne, Charlotte Leduc, David Guiraud, Léo Walter, Hendrik Davi, Sylvain Carrière, Christophe Bex, Martine Etienne, Ségolène Amiot, Ersilia Soudais, Andrée Taurinya, Sophia Chikirou, Gabriel Amard, Thomas Portes, Loic Prudhomme , Adrien Quatennens, Michel Sala, Karen Erodi, Elisa Martin, Farida Amrani, Eric Coquerel, Jean-Paul Lecoq, Tematai Le Gayic, Soumya Bourouaha, Hubert Wulfranc, Aurélien Taché

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