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TWICE’s Mina and Chaeyoung made an impact at an event in South Korea


12th April, Mine and chaeyoungfrom the K-Pop group TWICE They attended a fashion event together. Her presence, almost surprising, caused an impact due to her beauty and impeccable looks.

Chaeyoung and Mina
Chaeyoung and Mina

Global fashion brand ‘H&M’ held a commemorative event with the launch of a collection in collaboration with ‘Rokh’, a brand led by Korean creative director Rokh Hwang, which took place at DDP in Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea. South. Mine and chaeyoung of TWICE, actors Lee Soo-hyuk, Yoo Tae-oh, Seol In-ah, Kim Do-yeon, rapper CL, Xiumin of EXO, models Shin Hyun-ji, Anna Kim, DJ My Q, Kasamatsu Sho and Miyoshi Ayaka lit up the place.

Mine27 years old, and chaeyoung, 24, sported opposite colors in their looks: While the Japanese-American singer and dancer wore a nude one-piece ensemble, the South Korean singer and lyricist wore a black dress. However, both dazzled those present and Internet users when the images emerged. Due to their otherworldly beauty and brilliant aura, the TWICE members became an event in themselves.

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