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TWICE’s Nayeon Announced A Collaboration On Her Second Mini-Album “NA”: Is It KISS OF LIFE’s Julie?


Nayeonfrom the K-Pop group TWICEsurprised his fans by publishing a preview video of his second mini album, “NA“, where he announced the participation of another female idol who will collaborate on one of his songs. The presentation was so mysterious that the fans went crazy trying to figure out who they were. Suddenly, a name emerged: Julia of the group KISS OF LIFE.

Who collaborates with Nayeon on her album NA

On May 14, Nayeon and JYP Entertainment gave his fans – known as ELEVEN– with a brief look at your study session. In the video, she can be seen recording, but the identities of her classmates were hidden under the playful veil of the word “Na”, which intensified fans’ curiosity and awakened her Sherlock instinct. Holmes.

In the first camera, Korean producer Earattack is seen. In the second, it reads “Connecting…”. In chamber number 3, many discovered that it is the Korean singer, composer and producer SOLE (participant on The Voice of Korea in 2013).

The next chamber is where everything exploded. A shower of ONCEs maintains that it is Julia of the fifth generation group KISS OF LIFE.

Nayeon collaboration
Nayeon collaboration

There is a fifth camera, which also shows a black screen and the legend “Connecting…”. And what has filled with more expencation is that at the end it reads “AND MORE” (and more).

When does Nayeon make a comeback in 2024?

Nayeon to return to music industry with new solo album on June 14. Nayeon’s solo album comes two years after her’ first mini albumIM NAYEON‘, released on June 24, 2022.

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