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TWICE’s Nayeon posted an intriguing video that caused a stir online


Nayeonfrom the K-Pop group TWICE, published the first trailer for his next solo album, “NA“, and left even her bandmates speechless. Previously, she announced the song listwhose title track will be “ABCD“, and confirmed that Julie from the group KISS OF LIFE will collaborate on the song “magic“.

The 17th of May, Nayeon unveiled the trailer for their long-awaited second mini album. The video transports fans to an intriguing vintage film world, in which Nayeon chronicles the life of a celebrity.

Dahyun, a member of TWICE, was the first to comment on the trailer. The rapper and actress said that “her heart skipped a beat when Nayeon tied her hair up in the trailer.” Jeongyeon She shared the trailer on her Instagram account and wrote, “Why are you so pretty.” While Fury expressed: “Unnie…. Why is the video already over… More please I want to see more…”.

Who collaborates with Nayeon on her album NA

According to the track list, the second mini album by the singer, the eldest of the group TWICE, includes a total of seven songs: “ABCD” (Lyrics by JY Park)“Butterflies”, “Heaven” (feat., lyrics and composition by Sam Kim)“Magic” (feat Julie from KISS OF LIFE), “Something”, “HalliGalli” (lyrics, composition and production by AKMU’s Lee Chanhyuk) and “Count It” (Lyrics by SOLE).

When does Nayeon make a comeback in 2024?

Nayeon to return to music industry with new solo album on June 14. Nayeon’s solo album comes two years after her’ first mini albumIM NAYEON‘, released on June 24, 2022.

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