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Two young men imprisoned for the Løren shooting


The police found two holes in a front door after the shooting at Løren in Oslo on 27 February. Photo: Beate Oma Dahle / NTB

Of NTB | 12.04.2024 16:43:04

Crime and justice: The two men in their 20s were arrested during a police operation on Thursday, write Avisa Oslo and NRK.

– One was imprisoned for one week with a ban on letters and visitors and complete isolation. The other was imprisoned for four weeks, all with a letter and visiting ban, says police attorney Johannes Hafsahl at Enhet centrum, to Oslo newspaper.

No one was injured when several shots were fired at the front door of an apartment in Løren at around 1.40 on the night of Tuesday 27 February. Two projectiles hit the front door of an apartment where there were several people.

A total of three people were arrested on Thursday, but the suspicion against the third has weakened and the person in question was released on Friday.

– We do not suspect any link to criminal circles in Sweden, says police attorney Hafsahl NRK.

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