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UDI closes more than a thousand cases where asylum seekers are suspected of cheating


Only 78 people have been returned from Norway due to asylum fraud during the past six years. Director of UDI, Frode Forfang, says many cases are dropped due to a lack of case processing capacity. Photo: Emilie Holtet / NTB

Of NTB | 17.04.2024 04:04:25

Policy: – We were in a situation where a large number of cases were created, but where our capacity was not in proportion to the amount of cases. This meant that we did not get a good enough grip on the matters that we believe are the most serious. At the same time, it led to a good number of these cases becoming very old, says Forfang in the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) to NRK.

Last year, UDI received signals from the Ministry of Justice to close old cases. The directorate then decided that as a general rule cases older than three years should not be investigated.

UDI’s own figures, which NRK has been given access to, show that almost 900 people in the last six years have received a new residence permit in Norway, even though the original permit was withdrawn due to fraud.

Only 78 people have been deported from Norway due to asylum fraud during the past six years. The reason why many people get new permits is that the regulations regarding who must leave Norway due to cheating have been made less strict in recent years:

– We think that it is more important to work on those cases where we believe that the person in question may end up having to leave Norway, rather than those cases where the person in question will anyway be allowed to stay in Norway through a new permit, says Forfang.

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