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Udir apologizes for language errors in the Nynorsk exam


The Directorate of Education apologizes for the language mistake in the Nynorsk exam for upper secondary school last week. Photo: Javad Parsa / NTB

Of NTB | 27.05.2024 03:33:12

Culture and entertainment: Students who were due to take the final exam in Nynorsk at upper secondary school last week were met with an informational text that was full of errors.

The tasks were written by the Directorate of Education (Udir) – which is now lying flat, writes Klassekampen.

Per Kristian Larsen-Evjen, department director at Udir, says the errors are due to an internal failure in their quality assurance routines. He promises a review of routines and measures to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

– We will take this into account in the censorship so that it will not affect the candidates, says Larsen-Evjen.

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