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UFC 301 | UFC pulls Gomis from the event due to health problems


Gomis informed the French LaSueur that he had changed something during his weight loss because he had lost too much weight. Just before the weigh-in he vomited. Gomis weighed 143 pounds at the weigh-in with clothes on. Weighing with clothes on is highly unusual. The weight limit for Gomis was 146 pounds, which made it extra remarkable.


Gomis could barely keep his balance on the scale and refused to pose for the UFC photographer after staggering off the scale. Gomis then had to be removed from the stage under the supervision of security.


UFC Paris | Gomis wins after a very strange intervention by the referee

It is now known that the UFC has removed a severely dehydrated Gomis from the event. A downer for the Frenchman, but also for opponent Silva who will now also not fight during UFC 301. Gomis has announced that everything else is going well with him and he is looking forward to fighting again soon.

Where to watch UFC 301?

There is no preview show for this event. The broadcast of the prelims starts on Sunday morning, May 5 at 2 a.m. on discovery+.

At 4 a.m. it’s time for the main card with expert commentary from Sander Schrik and Marloes Coenen, which can also be seen on discovery+.

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