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Uncertainty due to the absence of Fabián Doman on América TV: what the host said


Fabian Doman He was gone all week Good morning america (America TV) and caused uncertainty. After speculation, the driver spoke and explained that he is sick.

Marina Calabro gave the information in Wool without Filter (Radio Miter) and put Doman’s words on the air, who explained: “The longest flu in the world, I’ve had it for 19 days. I caught two, one first and one later, and only yesterday my fever went away. My idea was to come back tomorrow, but I’m so dizzy… with neck pain and headaches, that I’m going to come back on Monday“.

What happened to Fabián Doman on América TV

In turn, the journalist said that as a result of Fabián’s absence in BDA (America TV) There was a short circuit between the panelists: “There were some episodes that caught our attention. Yesterday everyone was singing about the invasion of Diego Esteves. Although on Monday and Tuesday the program was in charge of Mercedes Mendoza, who is the co-host, on Wednesday Diego Esteves appeared in that role.”

“I spoke with two kidneys from the Doman program and one told me: ‘Look, I don’t know why Fernando Carolei, who is solid and nice, didn’t do it.’ Another of the kidneys told me: ‘It’s ridiculous to have Carlos Salerno, who is the host of the signal, as a panelist for that smoke seller’. This is the climate that was experienced in the program,” Calabró added.

“Yeah Fabian Doman doesn’t come back, by the time he comes back he won’t find anything,” Marina warned about the unrest experienced in recent days in BDA (America TV). It is worth mentioning that the absence of the driver on the channel drew attention because weeks ago it was rumored that he had been firedinformation that was finally denied by Gabriel Hochbaumshareholder of América and owner of the El Observador radio station.

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