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Valeria Mazza, blunt about Argentine current events: “I don’t understand how we can’t agree to move forward”


Valeria Mazza He spoke about what he feels when he works outside the country and then returns, while lamenting the crises suffered by the Argentina.

After spending a few months working on Spanish television, Valeria told La Once Diez/Radio de la Ciudad that “For me, returning to Argentina is returning to my home., I need the routine that I have here a little, I love going to school to pick up my daughter, I am becoming more of a housewife, I have my marks. Last week I was at the University of Palermo which I have had a chair in Fashion Communication for ten years.”.

Valeria Mazza
Valeria Mazza

And, he confessed that “When you are outside you hear about Argentina, it is a country that from the outside looks fascinating. and some who know a little more, tell you how it can be that they are so badly off financially. And when you get here it is difficult for you to see the magnitude of who we are, what we are worth, at times It makes me angry, it makes me sad and I don’t understand why we can’t agree to move forward,” he said. 52-year-old Argentine model, presenter and businesswoman.

Finally, despite the different conflicts that Argentine society faces, he reflected: “I think that the differences are what have made us such a great and beautiful country.”

What program did Valeria Mazza do in Spain?

Valeria Mazza and Alejandro Gravier were installed in Spain for a while because the model drove there “Dancing with the stars” since January 13, 2024, together with Jesús Vázquez.

In “Dancing with the Stars”a group of famous contestants learned, perfected and performed different types of ballroom dancing every week with the help of a couple of professional dancers in a fun and exciting competition

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