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Verónica Llinás was discharged after being hospitalized in Uruguay: “In difficult times”


Verónica Llinás He brought peace to everyone by saying that he was discharged after the emergency hospitalization he had in Montevideo, Uruguaywhere he is touring with his theater work “Antigone in the bath”.

What happened to Verónica Llinás’ health

Through your account at x (former Twitter), Verónica Llinás announced: “I wholeheartedly appreciate the enormous amount of expressions of affection from known and unknown people and I tell you, with great joy, that I have just been discharged. Thank you all, “In difficult times all that love is very comforting.”the actress concluded her brief message.

Veronica Llinas medical discharge
Veronica Llinas medical discharge

What happened to Verónica Llinás

The journalist Ana Laura Roman On May 21, Verónica Llinás had to be hospitalized urgently due to high fever and a respiratory problem. Due to this situation, functions in the interior of Uruguay were suspended.

Then, the Uruguayan expanded on the program The impertinent (NetTV). “She started having a fever on Sunday. At this moment she is hospitalized in Montevideo without being able to perform; They had six more planned between now and next weekend, all in the interior of Uruguay,” she indicated.

The journalist said that “The doctors decided to leave her under observation for prevention, but she was flying with feverand also the issue of the cough, which was quite complicated, so she is hospitalized in Montevideo.”

Finally, Román said that he contacted Juan Cruz, who is the producer of the work, and “he told me that she has a respiratory condition. He doesn’t give me the diagnosis, he just tells me that he is stable,” she concluded at that time.

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