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Victims of the Oslo shooting demand a total of NOK 112 million in compensation


Legal aid lawyer Christian Lundin advances claims on behalf of hundreds of victims on the last day of the trial against Zaniar Matapour in the Oslo district court. Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB

Of NTB | 16.05.2024 11:30:16

War and conflicts: The ten people who were badly injured when Zaniar Matapour (44) shot at the crowd in the center of Oslo on the night of June 25 almost two years ago, must be awarded NOK 550,000 each. The survivors of the two victims should be awarded half a million kroner each.

This was said by co-ordinating public prosecutor Christian Lundin when he held his proceedings in the terror case on Wednesday morning.

All aggrieved parties submit claims for reparation compensation from Matapour.

In addition, there are nine people who participated in the overpowering of Matapour – with fear for their own lives, Lundin pointed out. These should be awarded NOK 450,000.

By far the largest group is 290 people who were in the area but were not physically injured. These should receive NOK 350,000 each, the lawyer believes.

– The victims experience flashbacks, fear, depression, nightmares, sleep problems and concentration problems, Lundin said when he started his procedure on behalf of the victims.

The amounts are his recommendations based on case law. Ultimately, it is the court’s task to determine the final compensation amounts. Reparation is a “band-aid” compensation to the aggrieved for what they have been subjected to.

– The perpetrator did not want to explain himself and in that way gave the aggrieved at least some answers. He has shown neither remorse nor sympathy for those affected in the case, said Lundin in his proceedings.

– Everyone in the area was the target of the shooting. The defendant fired into a crowd and moved down the street as he aimed at several nightclubs. His purpose, the very purpose, was to kill as many people as possible and create fear, said the defense lawyer in his proceedings.

When the main negotiations began, there were 244 who had been appointed legal counsel. Now the total number is 312, Lundin tells NTB. He himself represents 223 victims.

He explained a number of factors which, according to previous judgments, should contribute to the court increasing the amount of restitution to be awarded to the aggrieved: the seriousness of the act, the high penalty, and the fact that it was aimed at the queer community.

As long as the court finds that he had intent – that he understood what he did and what could be considered the damage caused by his actions – he can be held liable for damages, regardless of the question of sanity, several previous judgments show.

– Fortunately, he was stopped in the act. It is only coincidence that means that more people were not shot, said Lundin, who also believed that it was beyond any doubt that the attack was aimed at gays and the queer community.

– It can safely be assumed in the civil law sense that he knew what this crowd was, when he shot wildly around him. It underpins high compensation. It was an attack on the queer community and has created persistent fear, Lundin said.

The injuries suffered by the victims include both physical and psychological injuries – which are directly linked to the shooting attack.

According to jurisprudence, everyone who is in a geographical proximity to the mass shooting should have the right to bring forward compensation claims, according to Lundin.

It is irrelevant to the civil liability if the court were to find that Matapour was criminally insane.

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