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Victoria Vanucci, devastated by the death of her mother: “I stayed by her side until her last breath”


Victoria Vanucci He said with great pain that his mother, María Inés Godoy, died after a long fight against breast cancer.

What happened to Victoria Vanucci’s mother

The former model spoke with The nation and expressed his anguish over the hard time he is going through: “I have been in Buenos Aires since last Monday when my mother was hospitalized. I stayed by his side until his last breath, holding his hand. And I am going to continue in Argentina accompanying my sisters and dealing with the grief together.”

Victoria Vanucci and her mother
Victoria Vanucci and her mother

“My sisters, Florencia and Maysa, were accompanying and also held his hand until the end. My mom embraced Judaism two years ago and her request to go Jewish was granted. I thank my rabbi in Argentina, Yosi, for his help; Her presence was fundamental for her and for me. “My mother was a Jewish soul,” she said.

Victoria Vanucci He gave details about his relationship with his mother and said: “She was the best mother in the world. She had been sick for a long time and I had never seen anyone fight as hard as she did. She was an example of resilience, and her desire to make a living was inspirational.“.

“She asked me to hold her hand until the end and her wishes were fulfilled. I was with her from the beginning of her illness until her last breath, which was on Monday at 5:45 PM. She left listening to my voice and that of my sisters. She left with me and my rabbi next door.“, he expressed.

Victoria Vanucci He lives in the United States but plans to stay a few more days in Argentina to accompany his family. Her children did not travel and she said about it: “I don’t know to what extent I want them to see this situation, which is not easy at all. I try to have a balance.”

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