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Viggo Kristiansen’s supporters are bankrupt


The company Eivind Pedersen (pictured) and Terje Helland founded to publish the book ‘In the shadow of Viggo’ is bankrupt. Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB

Of NTB | 13.05.2024 14:30:33

Economy and business: On Monday, there was a probate meeting in Kristiansand district court, where it emerged that the company has a debt of around NOK 500,000, writes The newspaper Kristiansand.

The only assets in the company are the remaining copy of their book “In the shadow of Viggo”, which was the reason why the two founded the company in 2022.

– The value of the books is unknown, but is not believed to be enough to cover the debt. The business has been suspended. There are no employees in the company. The court uses the debtor’s information as a basis, says the court ruling, according to the newspaper.

Furthermore, it states that the company is assumed to be unable to cover its obligations as they fall due.

“The payment difficulties are not of a temporary nature, and the conditions under the Bankruptcy Act for accepting the petition are thus present,” it says.

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