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Vinícius Júnior rejoices at the historic verdict: – For all blacks


Vinicius Junior scored as Real Madrid won the Champions League a week and a half ago. Photo: Frank Augstein / AP / NTB

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Social conditions: In addition to the sentence, the three supporters will be banned for two years from all football arenas where La Liga or the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) is an organiser.

This is stated by La Liga in a press release. The incident took place at Valencia’s Mestalla arena on May 21 last year.

It is the first time such a verdict has been handed down in Spain after La Liga went to trial with Real Madrid, Vinícius and the RFEF behind it. The Real Madrid player thanks both the league and the club.

– Many told me to ignore it. They said that this match was in vain, and that I should only play football, Vinícius writes in a post on the messaging service X.

– But, as I have always said, I am not a victim of racism. I’m someone who crushes racists. This first judgment in the history of Spain is not for me. It is for all blacks, he continues.

– This judgment is good news when it comes to the fight against racism in Spain. It corrects the injustice experienced by Vinícius Júnior and sends a clear message to those who go to a football stadium to hurl insults, says La Liga president Javier Tebas in the press release.

– May other racists be afraid, ashamed and hide in the shadows. Thanks to La Liga and Real Madrid for helping with this historic ruling. There will be more…, writes Vinícius himself.

– I am happy to see the strict measures taken by the Spanish authorities in connection with the racism against Vinícius Júnior. This is a positive step, states Infantino, adding:

– Our message to those who still behave in a racist way in connection with football is clear: You are unwanted. These people must be excluded, because they are not part of our society or of football.

The convicted supporters complained in court. La Liga states in the press release that Valencia cooperated in the work to identify the defendants and expelled them from the club immediately.

Fifa president Gianni Infantino is also satisfied with the verdict. The International Football Association has stepped up its efforts against racism in the past year.

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