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Violent textual similarity in the Kjerkol thesis came from media coverage


Former Minister of Health and Care Ingvild Kjerkol (Ap) during the press conference at the Prime Minister’s office where she announced her resignation. Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB

Of NTB | 16.04.2024 23:03:07

Education: 43 percent text similarity in the plagiarism check in 2024 also includes hits on the thesis itself and everything that has been written about the thesis since 20 January – for example in the media.

– We in the board have seen that there is a lot of media coverage in the latest plagiarism report, and that is why we have not attached any importance to that report at all, says head of the board for student affairs, Eilif Nordahl, to Address newspaper.

The conclusion from the tribunal was that “there is a not insignificant amount of plagiarism, and that there is thus cheating”.

At the weekend, Kjerkol commented that the tribunal has made its decision on the basis of the same findings on textual similarity that were also known in the original censorship, i.e. textual similarity of 19 per cent – which Nordahl confirms.

– We have not specified a percentage that we define as plagiarism, but we write that it is not insignificant, and we refer to specific examples in the report where this is apparent, he says.

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