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Vipers with 100 straight victories in Norwegian handball – took the first shot at the play-off final


Anna Vjakhireva was again among Vipers’ most dangerous players when Storhamar was beaten in the first final match in this year’s handball play-offs. Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB

Of NTB | 21.05.2024 19:49:33

Sport: It was the southern club’s 100th win in a row and the 123rd match unbeaten in Norwegian tournaments. The previous loss was against Storhamar in February 2020.

On Friday, the Vipers can decide the playoffs and win it for the fifth time. The team has also taken all the series and NM titles since Larvik’s hegemony was broken in the 2017/18 season.

The Vipers led 19-16 halfway through Tuesday’s match. It gave hope in the Storhamar camp.

– It looks good, but we are struggling backwards with (Lysa) Tchaptchet. She is unstoppable and we can’t get on the ball side. She is allowed to work very widely in periods, but the referees do nothing about it, said the away team’s coach Kenneth Gabrielsen to TV 2 during the break.

He saw the Vipers quickly double the lead in the 2nd half. Storhamar later closed the gap to three goals several times, but never got closer.

Recently, Storhamar became the first Norwegian team to win the Europa League (level two). It happened in the same season that Vipers had to let go of the throne as long-time Champions League champion.

Overall victory in the play-offs gives you a place in the most prestigious European Cup in the autumn.

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