Virginia Demo shot Florencia Cabrera: “He chooses to be unpleasant”

Virginia Demo shot Florencia Cabrera: “He chooses to be unpleasant”

Virginia Demo shot at Florencia Cabrera of Big Brother (Telefe) after she searched for dirt among the family of Nicolás Grosman and Florencia Regidor. The model’s statements caused a stir online and she was strongly repudiated, although “Furia” fans came to her defense.

As part of a new stream program All Access (Telefe), “Virqueena“He stated that the model is only looking for fame, and that he does not understand why she is with Juliana Rage Scaglione He is one of the main people in the house who mistreated her. “I greet her and she’s fine, but I see these things and Flor is obviously looking for a space somewhere and chooses to be unpleasant,” she commented.

“She was again mistreated by many inside the house, including Furia, and Flor today chooses the dresser. She must be afraid she must be facing Fury. The only thing she manages to do is position herself poorly,” she continued.

Virginia Demo closed: “I don’t understand those people who seek to be in the media to confront and say things that don’t matter. They want to be spicy, mean, and the only thing they achieve is to be more and more pathetic.”

What happened between Florencia Regidor and Florencia Cabrera from Big Brother?

Florence Regidor crossed to Florencia Cabrera of Big Brother (Telefe) after referring to the relationship he has with Nicolás Grosman and lack of parental approval of the same.

On his visit to A la Barbarossa (Telefe), the former participant took advantage of the fact that Antonella was a guest and asked her about the couple’s wedding: “I wanted to ask you, taking advantage of the fact that both families are there, if you both agree with the marriages. “It’s a little spicy there, I don’t know if everyone likes couples.”

Then, they both laughed knowingly and Nico’s mother responded: “You are bad. I do, totally. I want Nico to get married there, for Flor to go and may they all be happy and content. And if I can be the godmother too.”

There is something with Luchi also with Nico“Or was it always there?” the model retorted. Therefore, she expressed: “I think they are friends with Luchi.”

For that reason, Lío Pecoraro intervened and said: “I have never heard you say that it is a divine Flower.” “Now I tell you that she is divine because I spoke with her, she is very polite, she apologized and that is worth a lot,” he concluded, throwing cold cloths.

Virginia Demo shot Florencia Cabrera: “He chooses to be unpleasant”
Florencia Regidor vs. Florencia Cabrera

After this dialogue, Regidor dedicated a hot post to Cabrera in X: “Get into your relationship, If something happens with Luchi, our problem. Go with Damcer (Damián César Moya) and don’t break his balls.” And he added: “Then he cries and says that we bully him.”

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