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Virginia Demo’s unpleasant comment to Martín Ku and his friend Facundo: “You brought him”


Virginia Demo had a derogatory comment for Martin Ku and friend Facundo at[person]’s house Big Brother (Telefe), and it occurred in the context of a joke but ended up being “cancelable” by one of them. The talk took place in the kitchen while they were both cooking, and when “The Supreme” I call The Chinese To the confessional, that’s where the standapera made the unfortunate comment.

In that talk, the young people mentioned that they took a trip to China shortly before the pandemic began, and were able to return to Argentina a few days before the mandatory confinement was imposed. If it had taken longer, both of them could have been on the other side of the world, and far from their loved ones.

“You two brought COVID”He launched Demo between laughs, and just Martin He went to the confessional and couldn’t hear her. But his friend did, who shared a laugh, and said: “How cancelable…”

“She has something against the Chinese and the Uruguayans”, “How intense she is at annoying”, “It’s not funny! Then she says she’s not xenophobic…”, “Virginia gets off on her comments”, were some of the comments from fans of the reality show on the network. The truth is that Virginia Demo’s comment stopped there, and no fight was started regarding this issue.

What did Martín Ku say after Zoe Bogach left Big Brother?

Zoe Bogach was the last one eliminated from Big Brother (Telefe) after being the least voted along with his mother Aixa on the positive plate.

Although her classmates did not nominate her to be eliminated, Martin Ku he raised it to the plate, as well as Virginia Demo, after becoming a leader with her friend Facundo. In this way, they saved Nicolás Grosman, a member of the Bro.

With this play, El Chino believed that he was not putting the player at risk since he considered her strong, but he was wrong. For that reason, after Santiago del Moro announced that he had to leave the house, he felt guilty: “What about Zoe hurt me. Posta hurt me. Friend, I uploaded it”.

However, he was not the only participant who was affected by his departure because Zoe was considered The Princess, which is why they never voted for her except for the first week when they did not know her.

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