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VIX bets on a science fiction, mystery and love series with ‘Más Allá De Ti’

During a chat with VMÁS Rosy Ocampo, Sebastián Rulli and Patricia Reyes Spindola They invited the people of Saltilla to enjoy this series different from the content that made them television stars.

The project that leads ocampo from production is the new bet of TelevisaUnivision to stay in the competition with better quality in production, history and performances.

The episodes are available from this friday may 26 and it was released simultaneously in the United States.

$!The protagonists and the production company said they were happy with the project.

The protagonists and the producer said they were happy with the project.


The one recognized for bringing hits to the small screen such as the ‘Vencer’ saga, or children’s soap operas such as ‘Accomplices to the Rescue’ or ‘Alebrijes and Rebujos’, Rosy Ocampo said she was happy for this project, with which she comes out of soap opera productions and with very current themes.

“We are congratulated because it is the first series we have produced, a great challenge after having been producing soap operas that are something different, something that is definitely what we want the audience that has seen us in previous years to in the novels, look at VIX and see this story that is very excitinge different and it is also a mixture of melodrama with a thriller and a supernatural touchl, that’s the bet,” he said.

The story takes place in Texas, where it shows a reality that migrants live between the lack of support, discrimination, racism and social problems such as drug addiction and police abuse.


One of the stars who was in the chat via the web was Sebastian Rulli, who assured that he was happy with his participation and for having been part of a VIX project with Rosy Ocampo.


I am very excited, I can’t wait for the public to give their opinion, It’s an original story, as usual Rosy It surprises us that there is a lot of work behind it to be able to reach this audience that matters to us, which is Hispanic, thanks to Vix, which is focused on this objective

He assured that even he himself was conquered by the episodes and intrigued to know what and how the story continued.

“There are 8 chapters where history does not repeat itself at any time, It is falling into an avalanche of information and surprises that are going to have you on the edge of your seat watching the screen non-stop and at least it caused me to see those first three chapters and I know the story,” he said.

the first actress Patricia Reyes Spindola It has a character that lightens the drama but is key for the protagonist, Ariadne Díaz, to understand her gift and move forward in her life.

“We have seen that these topics are touchedThis is maybe, not with all these ingredients, if we talk about migrants, about US governors, but they are always series in English and now a series in Spanish that touches on all these points is very good,” said the iconic figure in Mexican soap operas.

A bit of the idea as they put it to me Get at least a smile because the others are all terrible, (laughs) and she is a good intelligent woman, with popular wisdom and who has the ability to connect with series of other dimensions, and she guides a little to see those series from other dimensions, she is happy she makes her chocolate cupcakes and tries to teach Emy to believe in her, I think my character gives her confidence that precisely the information she has does reach her further “


Rosy Ocampo: I think the great challenge is to make a different format with another quality with another way of telling stories, in 8 chapters presenting the characters, getting the audience to connect with them and also finally wanting to follow you from one chapter to another, It is a much more careful production. And the way of telling it was a responsibility for me, the scenes of violence and the sensual ones that we could not transmit in Las Estrellas, here we are talking about a very strong passionate relationship.

patricia: For me it was a challenge to work with Rosy after these years, and well the directors Beni Can and Francisco Franco are really very good directors. Rosy has made very careful novels, it’s simply another language, it’s cinematographic, she simply had to learn as a producer in 8 hours what a novel would have taken 80 chapters.

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Sebastian: I wanted to be in this project, I trust Rosy’s production a lot in her team, I wanted to be in the first VIX projects as well and with this objective of entertaining, but also leaving an important reflection of joining forces as Latinos as Hispanics who we are and in the character itself what I want is to captivate the public and surprise them, the story is one of surprises, nothing predictable and it is clear that ghosts are not to be feared but the living

Before concluding the interview Sebastián invited his public from Saltilla to meet and enjoy the story of ‘Más Allá de Ti’.

“We invite you 8 chapters will be in your handsplease enjoy them, it is made with the heart with a lot of passion and so that they are entertained, so with all their hearts they will be there with us watching them”, “Thank you Saltillo”, added the first actress before saying goodbye.

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