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“Waiting for the float” premiered at the Broadway Theater and Antonio Gasalla’s brother was present


Waiting for the carriage premiered at the Broadway Theater and Brother of Antonio Gasalla was present as a tribute on behalf of the renowned actor and comedian.

Currently, the work has the participation of Campi, Paola Barrientos, Pablo Rago, Ana Katz, Sebastián Presta, Valeria Lois and Mariano Torre. And, in the words of Carlos: “The cast is very good”.

“I thought the work was very good. It is very difficult to solve due to the different scenarios they have and they have done it very well. The acceptance is very good,” he praised the staging in Intruders (America).

Furthermore, they asked him what Gasalla would think if he saw the work and he declared: “I couldn’t even imagine what Antonio could say, he was very particular. Therefore, I cannot give my opinion because I have to respect it.”

How is Antonio Gasalla’s health?

The comedian Antonio Gasalla suffers from an illness that affects his cognitive abilitiesso he is in a rehabilitation center where family and friends visit him.

As Carlos revealed, “He has an illness that is very difficult to explain in words. My wife already recognizes me.” also because we go almost every day. But, my children visit him, and he doesn’t recognize them.”

Antonio Gasalla
Antonio Gasalla

“The family is very distressed, they are going through very bad times. You suffer in the situation you are in, even more so after the life that Antonio had.“, declared Gasalla’s brother after attending the function of Waiting for the carriage.


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