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Wake One Entertainment confirms that seven members of Kep1er renewed their contracts: two are leaving the K-Pop group


The agency Wake One Entertainment confirmed that Kep1er will continue its promotions as a group of seven members. The remaining two idols will conclude their group activities after the next scheduled concert.

When did the Kpop group Kep1er renew their contract?

For the first time, a group created from an Mnet survival show, “Girls Planet 999,” which debuted in January 2022, renewed its contract. The members Mashiro and Kang Yeseoon the other hand, will end their activities with Kep1er In July, returning to his agency, 143Entertainment.


Who left Kep1er

Through a statement, Kep1er’s agency announced the future of the group. “Hi We are WAKEONE and SWING Entertainment. We are pleased to announce that the company and Mnet project group members Kep1er-Yujin, Xiaoting, Chaehyun, Dayeon, Hikaru, Huening Bahiyyih, and Youngeun-have agreed to renew contract to expand the group’s promotions. So that, Kep1er will continue to promote itself as a seven-member group once the project term has ended.”

In this way, they reported that “As a result of extensive debate and consensus, Mashiro and Yeseo will conclude their activities as Kep1er after the next scheduled concert.”

Kang Ye-seo, Mashiro
Kang Ye-seo, Mashiro

“We are sincerely grateful to Mashiro and Yeseo for their dedication and hard work over the past two and a half years as Kep1erand we promise to invariably support their future initiatives,” they expressed.

Lastly, the agencies said, “WAKEONE and SWING Entertainment will also proactively support each member’s musical growth, remaining overseas promotions, including the concert in Japan in July, and local promotions for the first and latest studio albums such as group of nine members. We sincerely ask for your continued love and support.

What happened to the K-Pop group Kep1er

On May 17, reports stated that Kep1er would go their separate ways despite previous news that 7 of the 9 members of the project’s girl group ‘Girls Planet 999’ They had decided to extend their contracts.

A new report claimed that talks on extending Kep1er’s contract had ended without an agreement. Previously, Star News said that Kep1er would be reorganized as a 7-member group without Kang Yeseo and Mashirobut it seems that nothing has been decided.

Finally, the news was confirmed and the group will continue with seven members as initially stated.

When does Kep1er make his comeback?

Kep1er will release his first full album “Kep1going On” on June 3rd.

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