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Wanda Nara announced that she will initiate legal action through an enigmatic message on her networks


Wanda Nara revealed that he will initiate legal action through an enigmatic message that he shared on his networks, referring to some statements that they would have made about him.

In the last few hours, the businesswoman uploaded a story on your Instagram account where he let off steam: “How crazy, anyone can say anything about anyone. How dangerous. My lawyers will take care of it”. However, hours later, she deleted it.

While it was believed that she was angry with the media that criticized her for reuploading his video where he said that he had to travel in economy classas revealed The LAM Army in X (ex Twitter), your annoyance is due to the fact that “They treated her like a drug addict”.

Wanda Nara will take legal action
Wanda Nara will take legal action

What was Wanda Nara’s complaint about missing a flight?

Wanda Nara went viral after published a video saying that he had to take a flight in economy class after missing the one he had scheduled to go in first class.

The businesswoman was in Rome with her friend Kennys Palacios and had to return to Istanbul, Türkiye, where he currently lives. But after arriving late at the airport and missing her flight, she had to get another one at the last minute.

In this way, he shared what happened on his Instagram stories: “We had a lot of problems, we missed the flight, we came at 8 in the morning. And, well, we took another last minute flight. We have been at the airport since that time, I did a lot of things like shopping and shopping.”

“We took this flight, among people but I have to go home. And the girl said to me ‘are you sure you want it?’ because the flight is very full, it’s like the worst flight of your life the one we are living. We spent seven hours at the airport on a two-hour trip,” Wanda Nara launched very controversially.


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