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Wanda Nara’s excitement about hosting Bake Off Argentina


Wanda Nara will be the next host of Bake Off Argentina in replacement of Paula Chaves and told how he is preparing for this new challenge.

After having debuted in this role in Masterchef ArgentinaTelefe had proposed him to do the same program but with celebrities. However, the channel decided to delay its broadcast and, instead, come out with the pastry program.

After this information was leaked, the businesswoman’s followers consulted her on your Instagram account: “Is it true that you are going to drive Bake Off?” Then, she revealed very happily: “Yes, I am very happy. Very grateful to Telefe, who trusted me as a host and gives me the most beautiful formats”.

Wanda Nara on hosting Bake Off
Wanda Nara on hosting Bake Off

He even joked with an image of a display case full of cakes and desserts in which he commented: “Since I signed my contract to drive, I see everything like this”.

Finally, they asked him about his previous work project on television: “Foreign Masterchef?”. “A lot, but it calms me to know that I have a contract to drive it next year,” said Wanda Nara.

When will Bake Off Argentina air?

Bake Off Argentinathe pastry reality show, will be broadcast again on the screen of Telefe and it was confirmed that Wanda Nara will be the driver instead of Paula Chaves. Furthermore, it will replace Masterchef Celebrity.

Through @teleavisador revealed: “Masterchef Celebrity delayed on Telefe: it would not air in 2024, like Tu Cara Me Suena (with Marley).”

“His replacement would be a short season of Bake Off Argentina, now hosted by Wanda Nara,” he assured.

Bake Off Argentina returns on Telefe instead of Masterchef Celebrity 1
Bake Off Argentina returns on Telefe instead of Masterchef Celebrity

Although no reasons were given why Masterchef was temporarily unsubscribed, from the account they titled the news with the hashtag #There’s no money. This would have to do with the lack of budgets to put together the program from start to finish.

On the other hand, also through @forofms added that “The broadcast of Masterchef Celebrity was scheduled for after Big Brother”. And he clarified that Bake Off Argentina would return with its fourth season but in its “celebrity version.”

In this way, it is believed that the cycle will begin after July/August, although the date on which it will end has not yet been confirmed. Big Brother (Telefe).


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