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Warholm on double form topping: – It is possible


Karsten Warholm during the Diamond League at Bislett on 30 May. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB.

Of NTB | 08.06.2024 08:53:08

Sport: This is a big question when it comes to athletics, where there are few competitions during a short and hectic season. It will be extra special this year with two championships close together.

– It’s a bit of both. I think that a lot of getting in shape is about the mental attitude that is going to happen when something important happens. You probably have to train more in certain periods to fill up a bit. But we do relatively few competitions compared to how much we train. When we first run, we try to make arrangements for it to be good, says Warholm to NTB.

When this interview with Warholm was done, we wrote the end of April. After that, Warholm made her season debut outdoors in the 400 meter hurdles by finishing second behind Alison dos Santos at Bislett in a time of 46.70. It was his fifth-fastest run of his career.

– The difference at Bislett on 30 May and the Olympics in August is that we are closer to the period with a lot of training in May. There will be more quality over time. We are trying to facilitate that there will be more quality in August, even if you have no guarantees, says Warholm.

The 28-year-old is directly qualified for Monday’s semi-final in the 400 meter hurdles in Rome. This means that he will not have to take part in Sunday’s qualification.

Warholm has grown older too. It does not prevent him from trying to develop. It is possible that he will continue with the sport for many, many more years if he stays away from the worst injuries.

– I wouldn’t call it a concrete shift in anything. What has always been our secret is that we have been doing a lot of the same things, meaning that the basic principles and basic ideas are fixed. They are exactly the same. Leif’s (coach Leif Olav Alnes) philosophy is unchanged.

Nevertheless, the nesting phenomenon and the world record holder say that the duo tries to make small moves from season to season.

– It applies either to a larger volume or something else. What we have improved on is that there has been a greater volume on other types of device. I run more sprints on the curve mill, a non-motorized mill. We started with it a few years ago when I had that stress reaction, and then it became more and more. It has made it more specific strength training without sprinting.

Warholm says there’s a reason for that:

– It is more about managing the load. If I had just sprinted, at some point there would have been a bang. Going forward, it is about thinking that the work that has been done is good enough, he says.

Sunnmøringen from Ulsteinvik meets the press ahead of this year’s EC in Rome at the Norwegian athlete hotel seven or eight kilometers away from the Stadio Olimpico later on Saturday.

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