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We want luxury in cars too: 20 Lamborghinis, 29 Bentleys and 16…

The main suppliers of motor vehicles in Cyprus in 2022 were Japan (38.6%), Germany (13.3%), France (9.2%), United Kingdom (5.4%) and South Korea (4.9 %)

The international financial crisis and significant increases in fuel and import prices are factors that do not seem to touch the wallets of some Cypriots as they continue to turn to luxury cars. As it appears through the analysis of the data of the Statistical Service, there were many who chose to pay thousands of euros for four-wheeled luxury, ignoring the significant increases in fuel that for some other part of the population was also the reason for turning to electric vehicles or more economical ones . In 2022, 20 Lamborghinis, 6 Rolls Royces, 290 Porsches, 29 Bentleys, 16 Ferraris and 3 McLarens and 2 Bugattis were registered in Cyprus.

Of the 16 Italian Ferraris launched in 2022 in Cyprus, 6 are new and the other 10 are used. As for the 20 Lamborghinis, 16 are used and 4 new. Of the 290 Porsches, 219 are new and the other 71 second-hand and of the 29 Bentleys, 12 are purchased from the company’s representative office in Cyprus and the other 17 are second-hand. Of the “box” are both of the 6 Rolls Royces released in Cyprus as well as one of the 3 McLarens. Finally, regarding the 2 Bugattis, one was new and the other used.

Luxury vehicles in 2023 too

The analysis of the data of the Statistical Service shows an increase in the purchase of expensive vehicles in the first two months of 2023. In January and February, 14 Maseratis, 9 Bentleys and 4 Rolls Royces were registered in Cyprus. The 2023 entries also include the entries of four Ferraris, three Teslas and 2 Lamborghinis. Registrations for Porsche cars reached 88 in the first two months. In the car registrations there are also two very expensive McLarens. Finally, Jaguar car registrations for the first two months of the year were 17.

They prefer it white

As far as the color choices are concerned, as can be seen from the analysis of the data, Cypriots avoid very bright or dark colors. Of the 33,795 vehicles registered in Cyprus in 2022, 11,340 were white and 6,756 were grey. Another 4,542 vehicles were black and 3,269 were silver. But it is worth noting that there were also the most eccentric choices since 13 vehicles were pink, another 378 were yellow, 345 cars were orange and 104 were gold.

The top ten preferences

In middle-class vehicles, Mazda is the most popular car brand in Cyprus, as shown by the data concerning car registrations in our country for the whole of 2022. More specifically, the Japanese brand sold in our country during the last year a total of 3,771 vehicles, of which 60 were new and 3,711 used. And the second place belongs to a Japanese company, Toyota, as according to the data 3,639 vehicles of this brand were registered in Cyprus in 2022, of which 1,510 were new and the other 2,129 used. Nissan follows with 2,109 registrations, of which 461 concern new vehicles and 1,648 used. The top five of Cypriots’ preferences for 2022 is completed by the German BMW with 1,272 vehicles, of which 617 are new and 655 are used.

The Japanese Honda is in 6th place in Cypriot preferences with 1,042 registrations, with 185 new and 857 used. Volkswagen and KIA registered the most new vehicles compared to used vehicles with around 860 cars each, but the former has more used registrations (231 vs. 123). And Hyundai in ninth place has more new vehicles (799) than used vehicles (96) (895 vehicle registrations in total). Suzuki completes the top ten preferences. According to the Statistical Service, Suzuki put a total of 669 vehicles on Cypriot roads in 2022, of which 110 were new and the remaining 559 were used by external dealers.

Size preferences

Cypriots also seem to have a firm preference for medium displacement machines. Of the total new vehicle registrations in 2022, 8,465 have an engine displacement of 1,400-1,599cc, 8,245 have an engine of 1,000-1,399cc and 1,273 cars have a displacement of 1,600-1,799cc. In the largest car displacement category, from 1,800-1,999cc, the number of vehicles registered was 4,848. The number of cars with displacement from 2,000-2,499cc was 2,341, from 2,500-3,999cc was 1,501 and above 4,000cc was 834 in 2022. This decrease recorded in vehicles with large engines is due to the significant increase in registrations due to and of the increased pollutants they emit into the atmosphere.

Volkswagen for electrics

As far as the part of electric mobility is concerned, where an increasing trend is recorded due to the government subsidy, Volkswagen has the lead with 63 registrations, followed by Nissan with 56. The company Tesla has made available in Cyprus 47 electric vehicles, followed by the German Porsche with 42 and Lotus with 36 entries.

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