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What “Cux” is about, the AI ​​application that provides mental health assistance: it was created by Connie Ansaldi and generated controversy


Connie Ansaldi created an application called Cux“, which proposes mental health assistance through artificial intelligencethe municipality of Lauquen Train He hired her and controversy broke out.

The journalist Josefina López Mac Kenzie made a report for Telenight (The thirteen)where he spoke with psychoanalysts and psychologists who rejected this artificial therapy.

“A great controversy arose because artificial intelligence arrived in the field of mental health care. There is an application called ‘Cux’, developed by Connie Ansaldi, which offers you mental health assistance exclusively through artificial intelligence, without human mediation. It is a paid service, and the most important target is governments and companies. A Government of the City of Buenos Aires, as a mental health policy, purchased the application and distributed it among its inhabitants“, Josefina introduced about the app.

What “Cux” is about, Connie Ansaldi’s application

In the report they showed Connie Ansaldi speaking at a press conference about “Cux”, in October 2023, where he explained: “The purpose with which the tool was created is to democratize access to mental health throughout Latin America.. Trenque Lauquen is the first city in the entire Argentine Republic that will have access to Cux for all its inhabitants. Today you can use it for free for three days, but when the free trial runs out, the government of Trenque Lauquen makes it available to you along with Cux“.

Cux, Connie Ansaldi's app
The presentation on the “Cux” website

“The contract between Connie Ansaldi and the government of Trenque Lauquen lasted three months and the application Cux I couldn’t renew. However, Faced with the wave of questions from several colleges of psychologists, the municipality chose to cancel the Cux“, reported Josefina López Mac Kenzie.

In October 2023, when the application arrived in Trenque Lauquen, municipal mayor Miguel Fernández explained in a press conference about it: “The idea is to present CUX, a tool based on Artificial Intelligence that will accompany many people who are suffering from “how many mental health problems or feel alone, worsened after the Covid-19 pandemic.”

“What we see today in the community is an enormous demand for assistance, with professionals working at the limit of their capacity in the public and private system, both psychiatrists and psychologists, and we need to contain our neighbors, and we understand that this is a tool that can help accompany many people,” he added.

Connie Ansaldifor its part, detailed at that time: “It is a first aid kit that does not replace the human factor, but complements it efficiently on a large scale. Technology allows us to develop massive penetration tools, with a high positive impact on the world that change the lives of millions of people.

“We do not seek to replace doctors, and we do not give diagnoses or treatments; we seek to accompany and help them and that people have a safe place to share what is happening to them and, if they need it, to also be able to access directors of NGOs and professionals. that do provide diagnosis and treatment,” he emphasized.

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