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What happened between Gladys Florimonte and Cinthia Fernández behind the scenes after the strong confrontation they had in LAM: the video


Gladys Florimonte and Cinthia Fernández starred in a fierce confrontation on LAM (América TV) this Monday night and now it was revealed what happened between them when the program ended.

What happened between Gladys Florimonte and Cinthia Fernández?

As Angel de Brito He went on vacation, Nazarena Velez He took over the program and interviewed the actress along with the little angels. At one point during the conversation, she asked him if she had bad vibes with the model and they both took their clothes out in the sun.

I think we argued once… you said you were going to leave the country if I became a politician“he reminded her Cinthia Fernandez. “Yes, you said you were going to be political, but you weren’t. It was a joke and you took it the wrong way. You are spiteful“, he expressed Gladys Florimonte.

“Don’t you remember when I banned you in Paraguay? That you left the theater to do a show… I covered you and then I ate a whore”, the comedian continued without going into details. And the media exploded: “You are a liar! How pathetic this mine!“. Under my breath, Cynthia he chicaned her with politics: “How ridiculous you are. You would have left, like all these… bullshit“.

Although the discussion had ended there, a new comment from Cynthia unleashed another hard crossroads: “She really likes politics. I saw you very close to politics, enjoying… well inside. They took good care of you. You were into politics…”.

Far from staying silent, Gladys Florimonte he defended himself: “Everything I have is thanks to me. While you were dancing and making fun of yourself…, I was traveling with a small suitcase on a bus. While you danced and had the great life. Don’t talk nonsense“.”How nervous politics makes you“, he chicaned her Cinthia Fernandez. “You are rude and socially resentful.“, the actress crossed her.

However, at the end of the program, in The Army of the Morning (Bondi Live), Pepe Ochoa revealed that Gladys She left the studio very angry, while later they showed a video where they went to look for Cynthia to find out what really happened to the actress.

“What happened?”, Pepe inquired. AND Cynthia Spicy responded: “Nothing, the truth is that it doesn’t offend. That one worked with every mayor and governor and he comes to talk to me.”

“Do you guys owe a coffee?” Ochoa asked. “No, with cyanide. LAM. I came back…”, lashed out Cynthia. Regarding how I would define Gladysthe ex-partner of Matías Defederico singing “Forbidden love, they murmur in the streets“, the theme of Selena, probably referring to a question that he preferred not to answer exactly.

Then, Pepe Ochoa explained what Cinthia meant when they took the video off the air: “First, it closes with the V for victory. It says two things, ‘the truth does not offend’, it raises the game and spices it up much more. And in the end it implies in this note that there is some kind of relationship with power eventually from Córdoba. It implies that there is a forbidden love from the place that she is linked to politics.”

Finally, he said that “Gladys Florimonte would have spoken with the lawyers so that Cinthia Fernández can prove everything she said with evidence,” That is to say, I would take her to justice for the scandal that took place in the middle of the night. LAM (America TV).

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