What happened to Arturo after leaving the Big Brother house with Martín Ku

What happened to Arturo after leaving the Big Brother house with Martín Ku

What happened to Arturo after leaving the Big Brother house with Martín Ku

Arthur left the house Big Brother (Telefe) together with Martin Kuwho is waiting for the adoption to be confirmed so he can take him home.

Because he was in the reality show for several months, The dog was handed over to his trusted veterinarian to be checked and verify that his health was adequate. Likewise, as reported on his official Instagram account, Arturo will be under his care until El Chino is authorized to take him and effectively end the isolation.

This is because although the little brother is already making the corresponding rounds of the programs, he still must remain in the hotel until the channel authorities deem it appropriate.

However, A video of Arturo was published to bring peace of mind to viewers where he is running in a park with other dogs. In it they wrote: “For all those who are worried, I leave you images of my days, while I hope daddy ends his isolation“.

Martín Ku faced Santiago del Moro

Martín Ku was involved in a tense confrontation with Santiago del Moro after being eliminated from Big Brother (Telefe) a week after having won head-to-head with Furia.

In El Debate, El Chino was very receptive to analysts’ criticism of his game. However, His annoyance began when they reminded him of his confrontation with Juliana Scaglione in defense of his girlfriend Marisol in the week of the family visit.

This started when Laura Ubfal questioned her game and that of “Los Bro”: “Beyond those historic plays with Coty (Romero) or Cata (Gorostidi), they did not know how to generate play to get players out. Is that clear to you?”. “No. “I don’t think that’s the case,” he disagreed.

Then, the host decided to give his opinion by expanding the panelist’s theory: “‘The Bro’ did something very clever too, they hid, they lined up behind Juliana. She was shooting and you were doing the plank. I agree with something Laura said. For me, the arrival of your girlfriend Marisol brings forward your ending because the house was going the other way. The issue here is who raises their profile each week and who they target from the outside. That is to say, if that tough confrontation with Fury had not occurred, both of them would arrive.”

“We were all surprised by Martín’s attitude because he had managed the game from start to finish. The day you stood in front of Juliana, it took away from you. That hurt because that wasn’t you. We had never seen you like this,” added Gastón Trezeguet, who has expressed his support for his little sister on several occasions.

Immediately, El Chino asked to speak and clarified the reason for his questioned reaction: “No, it was me. If they talk bad about my girlfriend. That? Am I going to stay silent? Wait…what?” “Well, but she still is a woman,” the panelist reproached her.

Finally, Martín Ku made it clear that he does not regret his actions: “I don’t think it will happen that way. It happens because they are speaking badly about a person I want to defend. It is a matter of respect.” And he closed: “I may be a calm person but I have the right to defend a person I love.”


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