What will happen to Pedro Brieger at C5N after complaints of harassment

What will happen to Pedro Brieger at C5N after complaints of harassment

Alejandro Alfie revealed that the future of Pedro Brieger after the spread of sexual harassment complaints against him becomes uncertain, and he said that the authorities of C5Nthe news channel where he works, summoned the journalist to a meeting to discuss how to continue.

What happened to Pedro Brieger?

“At noon C5N authorities meet with Pedro Brieger to define his situation on that news channel,” Alfie reported through his X account. And he explained: “They take him off the air, as a preventive measure due to accusations of sexual harassment that I spread yesterday. The sanction can range from early vacation to dismissal.”.

What will happen to Pedro Brieger at C5N after complaints of harassment
Future of Pedro Brieger in C5N

Alejandro Alfie announced an investigation against Pedro Brieger which contains five complaints from women, four of them also journalists, for sexual harassment. The defendant strongly denied the allegations and threatened legal action. After hearing the testimonies, many more emerged, most of them from colleagues.

He then gave details of the alleged victims: “The five women who accuse the well-known journalist of sexual harassment are cases from 1994 to 2019: a journalist who worked in Télam. Another journalist who went to interview him on his radio program. His gender columnist. A student of his at TEA And a secretary from the UB“.

Complaint against Pedro Brieger
Complaint against Pedro Brieger

“The investigation into the cases of sexual harassment arose after I published in Clarín in October of last year that a journalist specialized in international affairs won a labor lawsuit against Public TV and National Radio. For that lawsuit they had to pay him $224 million as compensation for 10 years of work, according to the Labor Chamber, although the lawyers of the public media appealed to the Court to be able to lower that million-dollar figure, which they considered ‘exorbitant and disproportionate,'” Alfie said.

Among the cases that Alfie presented were Agustina Kämpfer, Cecilia Guardatia gender columnistanother journalist and a Secretary who accused Pedro Brieger when he was a professor at the University of Belgrano. In all cases the journalist made inappropriate comments, and in some he even masturbated in front of them.

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