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When does Jin from BTS end his military service, and what will he do after his return?


The fans of btsknown as ARMYare waiting for the members to gradually return from the smandatory military service in Korea of. South. As is known, the first to start it was Jinso the singer will be discharged in June 2024.

When did BTS’ Jin start military service?

Kim Seok-jinJin’s real name, He entered mandatory military service in South Korea on December 12, 2022. Since then, the 31-year-old South Korean singer and dancer has shared his current affairs at different times along with some videos that he recorded so that ARMY would not feel so alone in his absence.

Jin military service
Jin in the army

When does BTS’ Jin return from military service?

Seokjinthe eldest of BTS, is about to finish his military duty, foreseeing his official discharge for next June 12, 2024. In this way, the K-Pop star will be released from his national security commitment to South Korea.

What Jin from BTS will do when he returns

Before his enlistment for mandatory military service, Jin presented his first song as a solo artist. ‘The Astronaut’which he co-wrote with Coldplay, and presented live for the first time in Buenos Aires, during one of the recitals given by the British group in Argentina. By the time he is discharged from the army, Jin already has plans that he has shared with ARMY, filling them with happiness.

As soon as I am discharged from the army, I will not return home, but will go to the company and visit them in Weverse Live. Of course, it’s early, so I can stay home, but I won’t go to all the appointments and I will be with you on the 11th anniversary. I’m so happy to even say this haha. Thank you very much for being with us on the 10th anniversary. Please stay with us until we can act,” he concluded in a message released by him.

Jin when he returns from military service
Jin’s letter to ARMY

When is BTS coming back?

BTS will return as a group in 2025, when all 7 members have completed their service. The seven-member band renewed their contracts with Big Hit Music in anticipation of the group’s renewed activity after the forced hiatus. Jin will be the first to be discharged, while J-Hope will receive it in October 2024.

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