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Who is Selva Huygens, the Argentine designer that Lady Gaga chose to show off at the presentation of her new film in Los Angeles


Lady Gaga presented his new concert film Chromatic Ball in Los Angeles and surprised by wearing an extravagant dress by Argentine designer Selva Huygens. The documentary premieres on Saturday, May 25 at 20.00 hours in HBO and streaming on Max.

True to her style, the artist is not afraid of anything like that, and as she demonstrated on that occasion in 2010 wearing a dress made from cuts of raw meat, She decided to wear a white outfit inspired by car parts on the red carpet. Likewise, she accompanied it with long black hair, bleached eyebrows, white makeup on her face, and white XXL platform boots.

This eccentric dress with a futuristic look was created by Cristian Huygensunder the signature of Selva, within the framework of the series “(BFAM) Brutalist Functional Art Movement.” For this, she decided to use a corset straplessa wide skirt with washers and an appliqué on the torso, which the singer defined: “On the red carpet I said it was a car part. They asked me what kind and I said I don’t know, I’m not a mechanic.”

As for the designer, He is based in Germany where he began to venture into fashion creating dresses for performances and various exhibitions in public spaces in the city of Berlin. In this way, he managed to make his name sound until it reached the ears of the pop star Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga wearing a dress by designer Selva Huygens
Lady Gaga wearing a dress by designer Selva Huygens

What did Lady Gaga do?

Lady Gaga awakened her inner gothic queen and surprised everyone on the event’s red carpet by wearing long black hair, bleached eyebrows, and a white outfit by the Argentine designer. Jungle Huygens inspired by car parts, at the world premiere of the film about his concert, Gaga Chromatica Ball, in Los Angeles. For the premiere, she changed her look and put on a black suit with a mask.

Before the screening, he participated in a Q&A with Scott Evans of Access Hollywood. In the middle of her meeting with fans at Nya studios, where she presented her trailer, Lady Gaga caused even more surprise with her unusual revelation.

“I’m incredibly lucky to be here with all of you. I’m so excited,” Gaga told the crowd. “It was a very special time. This tour took place at a time when people didn’t believe you could go on tour (during the pandemic) and stadiums were full all over the world and tickets were sold out, everyone dressed up and dancing and singing. I am very excited for everyone to see what we did up close,” she said.

Then he opened up: “I shared it with my entire team. I said, ‘I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable at work and they don’t have to act or work that day, but I’m going to do the concert’ because I didn’t want to disappoint the fans.“he explained. “And the way I looked at it too was like all the fans were putting themselves in danger every day coming to the show.”.

Reflecting on the tour, Gaga indicated that it was a pivotal moment in her life. “This tour and the album were, in many ways, the end of one stage of my life and the beginning of a totally new one. I felt really renewed to do something totally different,” she shared.

Immediately, the network was filled with comments repudiating Gaga’s sayingsand calling it irresponsible. Although there were those who defended her and justified the situation by saying that “she was far from the fans”, many others remembered that the “Mother Monster” He passed among the fans during his presentations.


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