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Will be back in June with more laughs

Milagros is very unlucky. Someone could argue that life does not go so badly for anyone, but her case is very special: she has been extorted, her 16 older brothers never sought her out in hiding, they almost killed her several times, and even when the lottery is won, she does not feel safe. . Her only ally has been alcohol since she was fifteen.

This work, written by the playwright cutberto lopezwhich laughsly presents the life of an unhappy woman, is in its premiere season on el Garnica Theater and this Thursday he would have his last function, but his reception by the public has been so good that he will return with more laughter than June 8 to 29.

The monologue, performed in three voices by the actresses Martha Matamoros, Lucía Sánchez and Anel Floresarrives “after a long year of very intense works,” Matamoros commented in an interview with VANGUARDIA.

After his work in dramas like “The Maids” and “Storm”, “La Lúser” is a more relaxed exercise for the artists, who divided the monologue into different paintings, where each one plays the protagonist in a different stage of her life.

“It is a way of sharing the experience, we have fun and the three of us have fun. Maybe it would have been easier for one to act, another to direct and another to produce, for example, but we also want to share the fun on stage”, he explained.

Regarding the plot, he added that “we think that anyone could be the Lúser in life. She is a character who thinks that she was born with bad luck, she is a recognized alcoholicwho takes therapy, who try to get out of this problembut apparently all the most incredible stories that can be imagined happen to him.

$!Anel Flores.

Anel Flores.

For Milagros many of these terrible events are extra justification to continue takingas well as a reinforcement to her belief that it is her destiny to live miserable, explained the actress, but despite this she maintains the hope of being able to change her luck.

Matamoros in particular had already worked with a text from Cutberto López, “Ranch Girlfriend”and reincarnating one of his characters gives him the opportunity to play someone who is both funny and profound, because the play will also find space to move among the laughter.

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“It makes you laugh, but it also makes you think. ‘Ranch Girlfriend’ was a woman clinging to marrying a man at all costs, against everything and everyone and finally they leave her planted at the altar, that causes a lot of laughter from the outside but for the character it is painful. The same for Milagros, from the outside it makes us laugh but it makes you thinkr who is the Laser? I can be the laser, maybe?”, he shared.

“La Lúser” will be presented this Thursday, May 25 at 8:30 p.m. at the Teatro Garnica. Is Suitable for over 16 years and tickets at the box office cost 100 pesos, with a pre-sale offer of two for 150 pesos. For more information you can contact 844 330 3300.

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