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World Snooker Championship | Ronnie O’Sullivan is out! – Stuart Bingham punishes his mistakes mercilessly and wins 13-10


It was going to be a hot Labor Day evening at The Crucible in Sheffield. On one table it was 9-7 in favor of the Brit with Kyren Wilson and John Higgins, while on the other table Ronnie O’Sullivan and Stuart Bingham were exactly equal: 8-8.

While the seven-time world champion and the one from 2015 were already tied 4-4 after their first session and The Rocket seemed to take a lead at 8-6. However, some mistakes by O’Sullivan put Bingham back in the lead, Ball Run came away with an equal score after sixteen frames.

Déjà vu

O’Sullivan left little to be desired for Bingham in the first frame of the evening. He needed one chance at a long pot to – with the necessary difficult balls on pink (because black was covered) – one-visit frame to tie together. In fact: immediately a Century Break! While Wilson-Higgins only had 19 total points on the scoreboard, O’Sullivan already had 136 to his name.

With one mistake – the cue ball disappeared into the green pocket – the most successful snooker player of all time ensured that Bingham could get to a table. As a reminder: nine years ago the current number 29 in the world had last beaten O’Sullivan in the same round of the World Cup, even then his deficit was 9-8 and Bingham then won five frames.

Would this be a repeat of moves? At least it was possible Ball Run level the score, after O’Sullivan had a chance but took the wrong red for a long pot and it also went wrong.


World Snooker Championship | Ronnie O’Sullivan off to a great start with Century Break against Stuart Bingham – 9-8!

Bingham lets O’Sullivan live

With a nice lunge, O’Sullivan got himself going again in frame 19, but after 39 points he had to abandon his own battle. Could Bingham, as he did against Jack Lisowski in the second round, punish his opponent’s mistakes again?

In any case, he was ‘lucky’ with the more than once run of the ball: all the wheels turned in Bingham’s favor, giving the 47-year-old player a 10-9 lead. He was in a good mood, because immediately a great lungpot followed to start the last frame before the Mid Session Interval.

After 35 points, after some nice pots, his break came to an end. However, O’Sullivan played a very poor safety and immediately gave Bingham another opportunity. He missed, after which the seven-time champion put 62 points on the table, which resulted in a difference of 27. The problem? All colors were still on the table, so 27 points.

A huge fluke on yellow brought Bingham to level the score and one respotted black to enforce it, but a little later something went wrong with brown. O’Sullivan leveled the score again to go to tea.


World Snooker Championship | It takes effort, but Ronnie O’Sullivan makes it 10-10 against Stuart Bingham

O’Sullivan collapses under pressure

After the break, Bingham created a great opportunity for himself to take the lead again. A miss on black, rare for this evening from the 2015 champion, gave O’Sullivan the move again. He made another wrong choice after 18 points and missed an excellent opportunity to take the lead.

Bingham was intent on exploiting his advantage, but had little luck with the table when potting a red after 39 points on the scoreboard. Would this be a first? scrappy frame of this evening?

O’Sullivan scored 44 points, but missed the final red. After that Bingham had had enough; his third chance had to be the right one. He cleared the table except for black and took the lead again: 11-10.

Opportunities, opportunities, opportunities

O’Sullivan had an opportunity a frame later that he couldn’t miss. The red one went in, the blue one that followed was difficult but also fell and after that the number one in the world could start building. Building an opportunity to level the playing field again. Things already went wrong with the foundation, because in the end only 23 points were involved.

So there was the opportunity, the perfect opportunity, for Bingham to bring O’Sullivan to the brink of collapse. The table was in perfect condition, because the leader of the world ranking had exposed everything with his miss on red. Bingham did not disappoint and made it 12-10.

O’Sullivan with his back against the wall meant, as always, only one thing: lashing out at everything that moves and hoping for some luck to fall his way. That didn’t exactly happen, because Bingham had an answer for everything.

The 2015 winner, who defeated O’Sullivan in the quarter-finals, seemed to be on his way to a flawless 13-10. After 52 points, a crazy miss on pink to the middle pocket resulted in a very, very, very last chance for the seven-time global champion.

That went wrong on the yellow ball, the Clearance of the Gods didn’t come. This time it was over for O’Sullivan and Bingham cleared the table so far that black was not even necessary. Just like in 2015, Bingham became the final stop for O’Sullivan. For Ball Run a semi-final against Jak Jones now awaits. In it it goes to the one-table setup and to one best of 33 framesSo 17 wins. The semi-finals? They start tomorrow!

These are the semi-finals of the Snooker World Championship

David Gilbert – Kyren Wilson
Jak Jones – Stuart Bingham

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