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Yanina Latorre called out Pampita after ensuring that she is an “expensive driver”: “Did she make a joke or is she thinking about it?”


Yanina Latorre chicane in the air LAM (America TV) to Pampita after his statements in an interview with the program. However, she made a statement about the model that several in the studio shared.

Everything happened, within the framework of an interview with Carolina in THE M, where she expressed her desire not to miss any stage of her children’s life, commented a little on how she sees Argentine Television, and finally let it be known that she would not be interested in doing theater since she is an expensive host. This last comment made Yanina comment on it

“Does not having big budgets leave you out of television?”, the chronicler asked him. AND Pampita answered: No, it’s a personal choice too. There is a budget if I wanted to do something, but today I choose to maybe be involved in other things that amuse me, that excite me.”

“And whenever something appears that I want to do, I’m going to put all my energy into it, regardless of what budget I have,” added the model. “But you, with your career and your image, aren’t you an expensive driver for the media?”, the notary asked him. And he answered bluntly: “Yes, I am very expensive, but I am worth it”

What did Yanina Latorre say about Pampita?

This last statement caused Tower comment on this:Did she make a joke when she said ‘I’m very expensive, but I’m worth it’ or does she think that?” “But she laughs,” He added, revealing that he was taking it for humor.

“Ask, she likes money more than anything, more than all of us combined. And she negotiates to the last cent”, added Angel de Brito.

“Just as he doesn’t say that he doesn’t go to the theater because he wants to be with the kids, because in the famous hotel he was recording 24 hours a day,” warned Yanina Latorre who also warned the limits of each person when it comes to doing something that is not in their plans.

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