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Yanina Latorre came out to support Guillermo Francella after his statements in favor of Javier Milei: “Where was freedom of expression?”


Yanina Latorrewho supported many decisions of Javier Milei as president of the Argentinacame out to support Guillermo Francella after his statements in favor of the leader of La Libertad Avanza.

Although he did not write a publication through his xthe journalist from LAM (America TV) shared a tweet from @stanleybostero where the actor also came out to bank.

“Guillermo Francella came out to support Milei, and the Kirchnerist militants Echarri, Lamothe and Nancy DuplaĆ” automatically began to attack him. Where was the artists’ freedom of expression? Can they only express themselves in favor of Kirchnerism?”, he expressed in the publication. And he added: “Hold on Francella, Giles.”

Yanina Latorre came to bench Guillermo Francella for Javier Milei

It should be noted that the panelist demonstrated that she was in favor of the current government and always criticized Kirchernism. “for the damage they did to the country.”

What did Guillermo Francella say about Javier Milei?

Guillermo Francella was placed under the spotlight in the last few hours, after will give you your publicly support President Javier Milei.

In a context where many celebrities are known for criticizing his mandate, the actor decided to go the other way and give his point of view on the current situation in the country: “I am uncertain about seeing when the drinking ends and seeing when we begin to enjoy these measures more. They were more than necessary, it was known that there was going to be a major surgery, they said it in the campaign and they strictly complied with it.”

“Later, what was going to happen with the opposition, with the Omnibus Law and the DNU, it was known that there was going to be a contrast. After 100 days it seems to me that it was known that this was going to happen,” commented on Radio Miter about the different demonstrations that have been generated against these measures.

So, Guillermo Francella He was very excited about the future with the help of Javier Milei: “I continue to hope, I don’t know how soon, but that this will be modified in favor of the people. I don’t lose hope”.

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