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Yanina Latorre destroyed Facundo Moyano: “I was grateful that I didn’t show the videos of how you screwed up your wife”


Yanina Latorre and Facundo Moyano They crossed paths online over the panelist’s statements, but the fight escalated higher and reached television, where both launched spicy statements.

What happened between Yanina Latorre and Facundo Moyano

The political leader was a guest at Not very correct (The thirteen)and when asked about the panelist’s statements about her income and where she gets the money to live the luxurious life she has, she stated: “I don’t have a house, I live in an apartment. It’s your job to criticize. I don’t know what to answer. She got something wrong when she said how much a suit of mine is worth. I met her in 2013, when Beto Casella made her cry, and I felt sorry for her… I don’t know if I did right, she deserved it“.

Crossing Yanina Latorre and Facundo Moyano
Facundo Moyano against Yanina Latorre on the net

I do not deny my past, it happened that way and it is the same life. I never hurt anyone“said Moyano in reference to the fact that, despite his political side, he is also known in show business for his romances with celebrities such as Susana Giménez, Nicole Neumann and Eva Bargiela.

Crossing Yanina Latorre and Facundo Moyano
The crossing of Yanina Latorre and Facundo Moyano in the network

After seeing the tape on LAM (América TV), Yanina Latorre She responded furiously and also pointed out the hosts of the program where Moyano was a guest: “The shame of others that those five sucks ort give me… Being complicit in this.”

My job is not to criticize, it is to communicate, give information and give an opinion. And I do it selflessly because I don’t owe anything to anyone and I’m not overburdened.. I also don’t send your wife or ex, I don’t know what they are, shopping in Miami to bring you the suits because you don’t want to go and get stuck. You live well, you have money, you dated Susana, you are a cholulo and you achieved everything because of your last name,” she stated.

You are not a truck driver, but you are a union member and that makes you stand out. You don’t live like a worker. “All union members are the same shit… with a different smell,” he shot. And he closed explosively without revealing further details: “I was thankful I never showed the photos and videos of you fucking your wife.“.

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